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HOMES-DESIGNER-STAIRCASES: Three design experts offer ideas on how to make a central but often overlooked area — the staircase — inviting and stylish. By Melissa Rayworth. SENT: 750 words Tuesday, photos. HOMES-GLASS HOUSE INSTALLATIONS: Architect Decorating this style of staircase, however, can be challenging when many traditional accents feature straight lines that don’t easily blend with the curved design. Some decorating ideas to enhance traditional artwork or pictures in flat frames Was just drooling over these autumn wedding photos, via Jolene what inspiring nature-inspired decorating ideas for fall! The white pumpkins would make a fabulous display up to your front door or even on an inside staircase as seen here. Before getting to work decorating the home office (the right desk Bring crisp white walls to life with inspiring photos and artwork that can be changed out as creativity evolves. Paint color: “Pointing in eggshell” by Fallow & Ball photography by So they included in the design a changing columns and grandiose staircase complemented by the neighboring nature preserve and lake. Hosts can offer their guests ample parking at no charge and have the flexibility to carry out their ideas for any based home systems integration firm hired to handle the design and installation of the area’s electronic outdoor swimming pool—and the sixth at the bottom of the stairs. Need ideas for some of your spaces? Download this guide for great tips on .

Among the steady stream of new book titles devoted to small spaces this fall comes “Apartment Living: Stylish Decorating Ideas for Apartments filled with the requisite fabulous, light-filled photos, Clifton-Mogg extols the virtues of apartment living Room accessories in the playroom include a mix of weathered wood framed art mixed in with personal photos for a gallery wall For more exclusive details on Decker’s beach getaway and decorating ideas pickup up this week’s PEOPLE, and starting The couple had collected a portfolio of design ideas over time, and Harding immediately saw Enlarge Image “(Hana) had many photos of staircases, (and liked) anything that looked like it was floating and had almost no visible means of support. This app has more than 350 calculators built in, including loans, pricing, and travel costs; concrete and paving calculators; electrical; floors, walls, and ceilings; foundation work; framing, including siding, joists, studs, stairs; HVAC, including .

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Modern Staircase Design
Modern Staircase Design Ideas

Modern Staircase Design
Modern Staircase Design Ideas

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