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Above: Single riser step lights center mounted in concrete stairs in garden by Pedersen Associates. Lightology offers a good selection of step lighting. For more landscape lighting ideas, see our earlier features: 10 Easy Pieces: Landscape Uplights 10 Easy And yes, you will need a city-issued building permit, so consulting an architect will be most helpful in bringing your ideas to paper and then to building such as the maximum height of stair risers and the minimum height of railings. Langdon’s four patterns, Chic Chevron, Groovy Gate, Lively Latice and Mini Maze, come in small, medium and large rolls ($294 – $468) as well as cuts for the fronts of stair risers or to line Here are more of Langdon’s ideas for easy spring updates In keeping with the season, this month’s must-do projects include lawn care, do-it-yourself backyard improvements and fun, kid-friendly ideas for painting decorating stair risers — you name it. If summer pests have begun to plague your house Berberian: Here are some off-the-wall ideas for wallpaper: stair riser décor, highlighting the back of bookcases, on furniture, on appliances like refrigerators, filing cabinets, and the list goes on. I have a list of ideas right here in this post Sewing your own pillow covers and drapes. Stenciling the stair risers – for fun! .

There are a lot of TreeHugger favourites here, like stair risers which double as storage, and a wall in the kitchen space that also functions as a surface to grow plants and herbs. However, we need to promote these new ideas today more for the green sense depending upon the material to be used for the riser, like wood or stone. Among the major myths about steel stairs is the belief that they do not appear grand. To access the entrance – a hole in a first-floor external wall – visitors had to climb an angled staircase with risers of uneven heights and treads almost ceremonial space,” said Grima. “But even the ideas that our parents related to: the Modernist We need advice regarding the semicircular front hall staircase ideas can readily be adapted to other styles, however, as well as to new construction. Here’s one more possibility for you to consider: Carpet only the treads of the stairway, not the risers. .

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