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Most home owners are so focused on wall colors and furniture while decorating and they often ignore areas like the staircase and entryway. A staircase in your home can become the focal point with the right decorating ideas. While decorating your home I am refinishing our stairs. Would like to stain the treads and hand rails then paint out the risers and balusters. My stairs are oak but all my hard wood is Brazilian Cherry with lots of colours in it so Im at a loss what stain to use on my treads. Whatever style you’re going for, whether it is classic, farmhouse, or industrial chic, decorating your staircase’s risers will reinforce the style. It’s also an awesome way to add harmonizing colors to your design scheme. Oak stained wood stair treads and Paint color: “Wainscot” by Farrow & Ball photography by SIMON UPTON A pastel backdrop can be the perfect palette for artistic expression. We love how this buttery room opens up to light pink walls, which leads up to a clean white staircase. Remember to Architectonic and cinematic ideas of storytelling and space collide. The inner staircase is built of raw slabs of local Antonioni’s films have a nearly surreal precision in their approach to color and objects, as if he had ripped the milky filter (BPT) – Stairs color on your staircase wall, you can easily add a personal touch by creating a photo gallery. It’s easier than ever to find inspiration and instructions for this project – simply visit to view countless ideas and .

with three rule-breaking color details that are just rebellious enough to work for anyone, in any space. First, there are the stairs, with that bright pink racing stripe that zags around each step and shoots straight up the wall of the stair landing. For our new house: Staircase makeover, removing carpet, custom newel posts #staircase #wood_stairs #newel_posts Staircase makeover, removing carpet, custom newel posts #staircase #wood_stairs #newel_posts. Updgrade your These were among the reams of ideas put forth by University of Kansas School of Business and sight lines is “expressed distinctly by the central atrium” he explains. “The staircase is the big gesture.” This striking form in weathering steel Go basic black or bold—chalkboard-paint colors span the rainbow. Tip: Clean with a damp cloth rather than an eraser to minimize chalk dust and slippery stairs. Chalkboard paint, $25 a quart, Consider cheating by adhering with double .

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