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Modern Staircase Stairs
Modern Staircase Stairs Design Like staircase designs in living room

Bedroom Designs, Living Room Design, Decorating Ideas, Interiors, Bathroom, Furniture & Kitchen Ideas Glass floor with pond underneath in Acqua Liana, Florida This gorgeous house is my worst nightmare! Glass floors & fish tanks built in everywhere.. “I was smitten by the architectural quality and design,” she is a carpeted family room with 18-foot vaulted wood ceiling, exposed beams, and floor-to-ceiling windows, including one of stained glass. To the left is the dramatic living room, with similar People enter the tree house by climbing up stairs and entering through a trap door in the floor. Curto came up with the design himself. “I’m pretty handy. It just kind of came to me. I didn’t have any plans, it was all in my head. I had never Their design presents a measure of coastal flair with a clean, elegant edge that conveys timeless classical styling. MHK’s floor plan offers an exceptional level of livability with a living room that features At the foyer, the staircase to the second There’s barely enough room up there to In fact, perhaps those of us living in McMansions have a thing or two to learn from those randy tiny-home fans, like, drag your butt out of your king-size bed and head to a loft, the stairs, or a closet To get the most out of outdoor living space, begin by analyzing the rooms inside your home. Then, explore the many ways to apply the same layout and design strategies to replicate draw attention to hazards such as stairs or elevation changes. .

Dark wood, featuring milled rhombus patters, a typical design element of Deyer-Smith Frey and striking brass for the stand-up bar. Opposite a raw concrete wall. An elegant staircase leads up to the Living Room on the first floor. Bare brickwork The latest residence to feature a combined staircase Design. (+ slideshow) Craft Design renovated a former office to create the open-plan residence, inserting a central bathroom that separates the kitchen and dining area from the living room, while Designed by Yakusha Design the 21,000-square-foot (1950 sq m) building, comes with a two-storey living room, four 2-level children’s a vertical garden and a river rock patch underneath a staircase decorating the transition between floors. Jun Igarashi Architects’ final design is anything but traditional. The minimalist, cuboid form features a completely open plan and loft-style arrangement beneath 23-foot tall ceilings. From the first floor living room, a white curving staircase with .

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