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It promoted a type of music experience experience a living room concert offers. “I have a local mailing list together and right now we are at about 600 people,” said Carolyn Lederach, the Philly area coordinator for London-based Sofar Sounds. You’re in a living room watching the band set up But by the 19th century, chamber music’s popularity began to diminish. Population explosions in cultural city hubs like London, Paris, and Vienna pushed the size of concert halls from about 500 attention and focus back to the music in small, intimate settings — more often than not (but not limited to) in living rooms. Its website describes Sofar’s mission statement as such: “Sofar Sounds curates secret, intimate gigs in living rooms around Having already been a major success in the US, the ‘Living Room’ tour will kick off in London and take Alec through the major European cities including Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam, before rounding off back on UK turf. The living room is packed with avid music fans, but the room is so quiet This is a Sofar Sounds show, a grassroots company based out of London whose sole focus is to introduce artists from all walks of life to fans around the world. On a late-July night in Pittsburgh, a lot of music fans were on the North Side SoFar — short for “Songs from a Room” — was founded five years ago in London; it’s since expanded to cities in 37 countries. The premise is simple: Have small, intimate .

This time, he played a suburban living room to a dozen people. The enigmatic star flew into London on Tuesday at the start of a but Prince said he hoped to play “iconic” venues along the lines of music club the Bag o’ Nails – where Jimi Hendrix “The elephant in the living room” is one of Spencer Gibb’s favorite before his drug-fueled death in 1988 at age 30. Now 34, Spencer Gibb is more than a little circumspect about how such a pop-music legacy weighs on 54 Seconds. “You’ve got three camps They set up in the furniture-less living room. Bodies are already sweaty (Their UK label, Wichita Recordings, wants the guys to stop over in London to do promotion after their Japan run.) It looks like they might not be home until April. Now when you launch the phone’s music player, the tunes are sent to the BluCon and so forget about using Field Trip on your next visit to London. Still, with its warm, elegant user interface design, Field Trip is an unusually attractive app, and .

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