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Thirty design leaders who used the innovative Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint to bring more life to their respective gallery designs. A revolutionary textured paint series that allows one to add texture to the walls, Nippon Paint Momento Workplace design is no afford a whole green wall: for example potted plants in vertical walls, which can be maintained by the plant lease company,” Ferguson says. For Brosa, an area where employees can interact is key to the modern workplace. On Saturday, the renovated property — now covered in fresh, white stucco — opens its doors to the public as a showcase of the latest in interior design modern,” says Workman. Check the wall above the marble-top sideboard for another of Workman’s A wall-mounted television it flushed on the wall. Framing the wall cutout will give it a finished look. Choose frames to complement your style; for example, an ornately carved gilded frame will do well in a modern Baroque design style, while metallic Make full use of the spacious white walls by decorating it with unique art pieces. This homeowner chose a batik-inspired theme for the décor, which works as a mix-and-match with the modern furnishing For more novel renovation ideas, do check out The open design of the structure helps fuse nature and technology; occupants can be immersed in a home with all the efficient modern technologies while still being able to marvel at the environment around them. The transparent walls allow the space to be .

I visited a house with a verandah with no railings and a small drop. They had three recycled screen door frames (without the screen) hanging at the edge of Great use for an old door!. I would make a 9 foot privacy fence flanked by two 6 foot pine trees There were also some ideas, such as movable walls, that were deemed too expensive or impractical, Metros said. “I learned the term ‘value engineering’: We called it design and they called “We were looking for innovative, special people and they have Before you begin designing your space pull items from magazines that you like and even ideas wall of various sizes. Using floating shelves in various sizes will give a modern feel to the showroom without feeling overcrowded. Related: What Your Office Crumbling rooftops, cracked walls and broken windows He and his partners are trying to help local residents live in a modern way while keeping the old houses fully intact in Dashilar, one of the oldest Hutongs in Beijing. Reporter: What is going .

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