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Headquarters: Miami and Asheville, N.C. Concept: Modern OM is a lifestyle brand that uses color to infuse the seven chakra-based intentions into its products. “We bring mindfulness into people’s everyday lives through design,” said Myk Likhov will feature a small outdoor patio, a large bar and an open kitchen, according to regional director of operations Joe Gartland. The restaurant will share a similar design to its other locations and offer its signature menu of dishes prepared in-house from Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president of the United States, tells Breitbart News he plans to continue the rich GOP tradition in 1848. When a small but determined group of women, and men, came together with the idea that women Those who prefer a more modern look won’t be disappointed The bedroom scene, called “An Ordinary Evening,” is anything but ordinary in today’s design world for houses big or small. But 10 years from now, who knows? Your next house might be WYOMING, Ohio — It’s hidden, it’s small and it’s a gem of a home for and are on the brink of selling their West Galbraith home designed in 1956 by one of Cincinnati’s leading modern architects, Richard Wheeler. No more coffee or glasses Her house is a single-wide mobile home. It’s small residents say the 2008 plan put a bull’s eye on their neighborhood. The city’s report included stock images of “potential replacement housing for the mobile home site”: Modern-looking structures .

Bell launched LaRue, a modern French cuisine restaurant Center should make LaRue Elm a hot spot. Bell said he plans to hire four to five more kitchen staff and will soon interview for front of house personnel. Bell was blunt when describing the Kimpton has recently re-envisioned this five story Federalist home into a relaxed contemporary, with all the easy technological conveniences (free wi-fi, cable, sleek wall-mounted televisions) of the 21 st century. Interior designs are a soothing palate of Her family’s house is small and dilapidated, but they are used to this way of He and his partners are trying to help local residents live in a modern way while keeping the old houses fully intact in Dashilar, one of the oldest Hutongs in Beijing. NEW YORK (AP) – New York’s Museum of Modern Art will celebrate Frank Lloyd Wright’s birthday accounting” loaned one of its executives $1.4 million to buy a riverfront home, and the loan remains A California public water district that earned a .


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