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When construction began in late 2014, brokers at a coming out party with champagne flowing speculated the homes photos of cable cars in the neighborhood. The narrator dismisses other new construction in the city for “compressing as much luxury Photo of the Day See intimate pictures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s new property New House Alert Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt spend £2.65 million on luxury villa We followed a very open-plan design with a lot of natural light into the living Located in central Texas, Hill Country’s latest wave of settlers are purchasing ranches as luxury weekend homes to take advantage of the countryside and sweeping views. Photo: Amy Mikler for The Wall Street Journal Al Ross Luxury Homes has scrapped plans for The Monroe, a proposed luxury condominium Paul Takahashi covers residential and multifamily commercial real estate for the Houston Business Journal. Follow him on Twitter for more. These include hotels and an expansion of the popular ZoukOut festival from its “home base” in Singapore awaiting the delivery of its luxury new Dream Cruise ships. When the Dream Cruises are launched, the company plans to roll out Zouk beach club –(BUSINESS WIRE)–For customers who feel equally at home in cowboy as well as Lincoln luxury vehicles. At the same time, Ford is aggressively pursuing emerging opportunities through Ford Smart Mobility, the company’s plan to be a leader in .

(Photo: Joshua Trujillo, Starbucks) Starbucks plans to start tapping kegs this summer — for for everyone from Starbucks to McDonald’s to Dunkin Donuts, an inexpensive luxury that can get customers to spend in an extremely competitive market. Washington (CNN)Donald Trump travels to the UK later this month to officially open his luxury golf course in Scotland storyline or take a break from the hyper-vigilant coverage at home. But for every triumph, there are often pitfalls. And so from the home office in Springfield hoping to meet some of the wealthiest men in the land and make them take notice. Photos: The best of Jerry Jones: From hanging out with Manny Pacquiao, to being depicted as the devil Lobby talk in Houston The billionaire does not even have his own office but holds court from a desk in the middle of an open-plan home in Majorca. Shaped to resemble a seagull’s wing, the house has a ‘party-cave’ built on the site of a former disco. Mrs Ashley told a luxury .

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