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Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will today unveil the Coalition’s $1 billion Great Barrier Reef Fund plan, created to assist Queensland’s farming sector in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and toxic chemical run-off, reports the Courier Mail. Ontario’s government released a climate change action plan on Wednesday that it hopes will help cut pollution and encourage green industry, partly funded by a cap-and-trade scheme that puts a price on greenhouse gas emissions. And Toronto is this week The government of Newfoundland and Labrador has announced a plan for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions that involves monitoring to help form reduction targets. The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Executive Council said in a press TORONTO — Environmentalists and manufacturers alike are welcoming Ontario’s climate change action plan, which will provide billions of dollars in subsidies and incentives to businesses and homeowners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Details on rebates SEATTLE (AP) — Washington state regulators on Wednesday unveiled an updated plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions from large polluters, the latest attempt by Gov. Jay Inslee to push ahead with a binding cap on carbon emissions after struggling to win Want more top stories? Sign up here for daily or weekly newsletters with our top news. SEATTLE — State regulators on Wednesday unveiled an updated plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions from large polluters, the latest attempt by Gov. Jay Inslee to push .

WASHINGTON, DC — Hanley Wood has published its premiere issue of EcoHome Designs, House Plans for Sustainable Living. The company says the semi-annual consumer newsstand magazine, now available for sale at over ten thousand retail locations, is the first “The capacity building of local administrations can reduce obstacles to achieving our greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments and support our efforts to achieve low-emission development, which involve all parties,” said Sonya. Guérend hoped the China plans to implement 150GW of new coal plants by 2020 First Low-to-Zero Visions of Energy Production The first ‘low-to-zero’ greenhouse gas emissions planning document to emerge was probably the 2011 publication of the World Wildlife Fund they did direct the state Department of Environmental Quality to study “a market-based approach to controlling greenhouse gas emissions.” DEQ staff are beginning the study now and said Friday that they plan to start with the assumption that they would be .

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